Mysterious blood clots are COVID-19's latest lethal surprise

By Issam Ahmed and Ivan Couronne

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Well that's just fantastic news...

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A neighbor came back home after more than a month in the hospital. They had put him in isolation because of his symptoms, although three coronavirus tests all came back negative. Two other people in the hospital died of Covid 19 while he was there. He is in his 50s, and they were both younger than he. While he had pneumonia, those who passed had blood clots.

A retired librarian in our town, and his wife, both passed recently. He was never tested, but she tested positive. They both had similar symptoms, so very possible that he too had the coronavirus. I suspect that the number of deaths due to this new virus is much higher than the official tally.

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Maybe food can help with the microclotting. Lots of science available (if we're back to science based living?) Better to have your garlic and onions too:

11 citations in video link.

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