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Needle-free vaccine patches coming soon, say researchers and makers


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Nice example of innovation in the delivery of vaccines, it would be tempting to think that the advantage of not producing pain is not really important but unfortunately for a lot of people this can make them refrain from getting very necessary vaccinations or delay them, sometimes until it is too late.

The advantages in logistics are of course much more easier to see, with the antigens in solid form it is much easier to keep them and deliver them without losing efficacy, and if you can load a truck with a thousand doses instead of only one hundred in refrigerated vials, it is much easier to make immunization plans.

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Thanks to the internet, I'm an expert now.

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Should be a great reduction in medical waste as well. Imagine how many needles had to be made and disposed of for this covid vaccination. A patch would be SO SO much better and easier to administer as well. Hope this works out well for them. Unfortunately the companies are private so investment does not seem to be an option.

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Thanks to the internet, I'm an expert now.

On what?

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Working with real data will help us explain.

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Agreed with TomSan

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This new tech will save lives. Unfortunately, needles scare a lot of people out of getting the vaccines they need.

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This new tech will save lives and make PHARMA richer!!

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