Neurotoxins in the environment damaging human brain health

By Arnold R. Eiser

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Lead from exhausts.

Lead is still used in gasoline? Where?

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Living next to a major road or expressway is the main cause of damage in Japan

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When reading global news about all those crazy people, I guess, quite some of them already live directly in wildfires or buy those neurotoxic fumes bottled and breath it in 24/7. lol

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Yes, modern life is poisonous

Notice how the 'net zero' emissions strategy doesn't address that despite being a far more pertinent and concrete issue

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Title of the article is obvious, if something is called a neurotoxin it means it damages the brain, and if it can be found in the environment then it will affect people (and other animals).

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Neurotoxins in the environment damaging human brain health:

Are intensive wild forest fires the source of new neurotoxins?

It must be already years that other brain damaging toxins & micro-organisms have been around, active and harmful..

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Dain bramage

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In big cities worldwide where populations are high and pollution levels also,then it is not far fetched to envisage major problems ahead.

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