New flu drug can drive resistance in influenza viruses: researchers

By Julie Steenhuysen

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Hello. We can study the use of some members of the Allium plant genus and ginger plants for compounds that can help to control resistance microbes.

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Ummm age 12 and above? The kid was 11.

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No surprises here.. Same for Injected Flu jabs... ask yourself the question , WTF do I need one each season ?

There's a difference between good inoculations and fad ones... seasonal Flu Jabs/'Pills/etc are a worrying trend for which we have no long term data to support - and now... we see this, go figure.

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Big difference between prevention - inoculations, and treatments. There is solid evidence for annual inoculations and that they do not cause flu virus mutations.

if you personally don’t want an annual jab, fine - but please don’t spread misinformation.

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Same for Injected Flu jabs.

No. Completely different.

Please don't try to equate treatment with prevention or drugs with vaccines. Your disinformation/propaganda is dangerous to the public at large. It's irresponsible.

Vaccines save lives. Just look at the Samoan measles outbreak currently under way. Dozens of people have died because they were afraid of getting a vaccine. Yes, that's dead. From a preventable disease.


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