New study shows kale powder efficacy on lowering blood pressure, blood glucose and cholesterol


A new study gives kale, in organic powdered form, all the more reason to be hailed the superfood king of leafy greens. The organic kale powder called fujiKale has been shown to be effective in lowering blood pressure, blood glucose and cholesterol according to clinical study results presented at the 37th Annual Scientific Meeting of the Japanese Society of Hypertension.

As part of releasing the study results, Q'SAI USA Inc, located in Torrance, has officially introduced fujiKale, a USDA certified organic kale in ultra-fine powder that features a patented production process, to the U.S. market.

Titled "An exploratory study of the efficacy of Q'SAI kale powder (fujiKale) on Lifestyle Diseases," the study was conducted last year by the Department of Cardiovascular Medicine at Kyushu University Graduate School of Medical Sciences. Eighty male and female participants, ages 30 to 74 who met the study parameters ingested 14 grams of fujiKale per day for eight weeks, typically be mixing the powder into water.

"We have confirmed that Q'SAI kale powder (fujiKale) is effective in improving blood pressure, blood glucose and lipid metabolism in study subjects," said Tomomi Ide, who conducted the study and serves as an instructor at the Department of Cardiovascular Medicine at Kyushu University Graduate School of Medical Sciences. "Therefore, it is considered to be an effective diet therapy for (these) lifestyle diseases."

Although fujiKale has been popular in Japan for more than 30 years, Q'SAI USA Inc is a new subsidiary of Japan-based Q'SAI Co that wants to give Americans a convenient way to add a vitamin boost to a variety of recipes.

"It's no secret that most Americans don't eat enough vegetables, and many have yet to discover the nutritious value of kale," said Murray Brannen, CEO of Q'SAI USA Inc. "Fresh kale can be expensive and you have to clean it, cut it and prepare it, which are obstacles in many households. But with fujiKale, it's easy to add a vitamin-packed scoop to a variety of recipes, smoothies or beverages."

fujiKale Fast Facts

-- Kale is a source of vitamins and minerals including vitamins A, B, C, and K as well as protein, calcium, iron, potassium and magnesium and omega-3 fatty acids. -- One cup of chopped kale (70 grams) equals one scoop (5g) of fujiKale. One scoop of fujiKale is the equivalent to one whole serving of vegetables. -- The organic kale used in fujiKale is cultivated in Shimane, Japan. Then, fujiKale is refined with a Japanese patented process to produce a highly concentrated, super-fine vitamin-packed powder. There are no chemical additives, pesticides or chemical fertilizers used in its cultivation.

Brannen said fujiKale is currently offered direct to consumers who respond to television infomercials, visit the website, or call directly.

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I use it in my daily smoothie (fresh kale is hard to come by at my local supermarket), along with a similar amount of powdered wheat grass.

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If there ever was a trendy vegetable in America, kale is IT and Brannen is trying to cash in. Powdered kale has long been available in the States. Has fujiKale's efficacy been compared to other brands? I doubt it.

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blood circulation is what worries. That is, when will it stop the calling of air pollution. Particles of lead, sodium, lithium, fluorine, etc. With these values ​​in suspended particles, can not see someone with a normal blood pressure. That's what worries me. The problem is that if a doctor says that the system is bad, just what is said is that it is with the bad blood pressure. one takes the medicine, diet is made. But I wonder if it is fair to be sentenced to remedies without someone to stop the daily novel air values ​​of these elements. daily simulations of our speech? Or see to 30 people died and nothing to have something that these people accused of being with high blood pressure can defend against these elements too much in the air. How to defend? Complain? Ask to stop. Normal world? A nuclear explosion in 1945 nuclear tests after that. Only see one or the other nuclear leak by accident and the rest of humanity? And mutations in bacteriology. Who pays for antibiotics, the anti inflammatory? That's not fair. only fools saying that people are wrong or sentenced to remedies for something they have no way to prevent. When will punish all aerial nuclear dirt? Be afraid stations, and etc. And see people dying in fear of seeing something strange in the air, in the little study can not see because the indices have risen due to a normal world as write that everything is happening. In 1910 had air lithium in worlds below the quantum? Lithium is bad for the heart of humanity. those who have money to have a bunker to protect it?

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