A neuromagnetic field measured and visualized by the Spinal Magnetic Field Meter Photo: Nikkei x Tech

New system visualizes function of spinal nerves

By Atsuki Takahashi

Tokyo Medical and Dental University (TMDU), Kanazawa Institute of Technology (KIT) and Ricoh Co Ltd have co-developed a system that visualizes the function of spinal nerves and succeeded in measuring the neuromagnetic fields of the lumbar region, etc.

The Spinal Magnetic Field Meter can be used for detecting areas where nerves are damaged. Ricoh plans to apply for the approval of the system as a medical device.

The Spinal Magnetic Field Meter is a system that visualizes the distribution of electric current by measuring a magnetic field when electricity is flowing in nerves. It can measure nerves in the neck and lumbar region as well as peripheral nerves.

It is possible to take an image just by making its sensor contact a subject so it does not hurt human body. It uses a high-sensitivity magnetic sensor developed by KIT.

The Spinal Magnetic Field Meter enables to determine a disease based on the difference of measurement pattern between healthy people and patients and find a part where nerves are damaged. If a damaged part is found, it helps a doctor choose an appropriate surgical method.

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