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New toilet device measures amount, flow rate of urine

By Sae Ito

Toto Ltd has developed a toilet device that measures urine flow. With the medical device, the amount and flow rate of urine can be measured just by discharging urine in the toilet.

The device measures the water level being changed by urination by using a water level sensor. It converts the increase in water level into the amount of water and converts the speed of the increase into the flow rate of urine.

The measurement of the flow rate is used for the medical examination of urology department and medical follow-up in an inpatients' ward. Especially, for patients who are transfused before and after a surgery, the amount of urine is checked to confirm that the infusion solution has been appropriately taken in.

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Great invention. The alternative is for nurses to periodically check the contents of a bag into which patients pour their pee, and for the nurse to empty that bag once or twice a day. This is not a very pleasant task for the nurse, nor for the patient.

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Thanks for the explanation Omachi. This is of course only for those patients who are actually able to make their way from the bed to the cubicle.

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flow rate of urine can be measured just by discharging urine

okay I got that

and the crapper can measure the infusion solution has been appropriately taken in.

rite , but i'm not exactly sure what's going on here ... Sae Ito san **could you write the article again **

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