No trans fat? Who can taste the difference


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This is all about America. What about Japan? Are trans-fats still common here? Are they used by U.S. chains here?

Actually, I do not think it is necessary even to say that a product contains transfat in the list of ingredients.

I wonder if transfat finds its way into wagyu beef in the high-class restaurants that have come into the news recently.

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There is currently no law to label or even recognize trans fats in Japan. The Japanese food industry does not want to cut out usage -- too much money at stake. Trans fats (hydrogenated oil) lengthens the shelf life and is cheap. How do you think all that conbini food stays on the room-temp shelves so long?

Also, go to your neighborhood bakery and ask if they are using butter or margarine. Almost all that I asked said they're using margarine as "butter is too expensive." Margarine is trans fat. I heard that many doctors in Japan are still recommending patients switch from butter to margarine. The ignorance is mind-boggling.

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@ horriified: Margarine typically contains some trans fat (in varying degrees), but it is usually only a few percent. It is not accurate to say margarine is trans fat. But I agree trans fat is bad for one's health and should be labelled so the consumer can make an informed choice. And personally, I much prefer butter for its taste.

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