Not your fault! Hormones linked to weight regain


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Is this just a covert advert for Optifas & Nestle???

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Sounds like this article was written by a fat person trying to make himself / herself feel better. There's an excuse for everything. Nothing hard about watching your weight, exercising, and keeping the junk food away.

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Just what we need. Another reason for people to say its not my fault....

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They took in 500 to 550 calories a day,

This is called starvation. You do that torture to prisoners and Amnesty International lists you as a monster. A small framed adult needs at least 1200 cal a day to survive. It's a really good thing the victims of that stupid experiment regained weight, as the other likely consequence would be death.

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Is this just a covert advert for Optifas & Nestle???

Smells like it

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They took in 500 to 550 calories a day, using a meal replacement called Optifast plus vegetables for eight weeks. Then for two weeks they were gradually reintroduced to ordinary foods.

Oh Jesus who are these people that a) are dumb enough to do this and b) dumb enough to create such garbage. As Cos said, this is starvation. You're body shuts down and the metabolism drops which means weight gain when you start to eat normally again. I thought everyone knew this!!

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Perhaps people who tried this were not dumb, just desperate.

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I think the main message is that because it's so hard to lose weight it's best if you don't gain weight to begin with. For people who say it's easy to lose weight, I wonder how much they have had to lose and for how long. Also, it's a lot easier to do that when you're young. As you get older your body really fights to hang onto all the weight you've gained. This articles is NOT about giving people excuses.

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Yes, it's very hard to lose and keep off weight in these days, with all of the temptations around. But its ALWAYS your fault, you always have a choice whether to eat the food or not. Whether to exercise or not. Hard yes, but also your own responsibility.

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Maybe the people tested were inmates, and will get time off for good behavior.

In America they used to do crazy tests on black inmates.

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Fat people love to read "it's not your fault you are fat"

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Im fat. I admit it. I have to take steriods for a medical condition and just ballooned. Thing is, my family still love me, and my fatness doesnt bother anyone else, nor is it anyone elses business. Why do judgemental? What is other people's weight anything to do with anyone else?

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goinggoing, how does the body create fatty cells and weight from steroids? I have heard other people say that but it sounds odd. Calories come from food. Do the steroids make you ravenous? I am not being mean but interested in knowing.

Being fat can become other peoples' business if you take up part of their airplane seat.

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A good proportion of it is water retention and can be minimised but not eliminated by a low sodium diet, but yes they really increase appetite a lot. Not like I was head down in the trough, but enough to put on 2 and a half stone - from 8 stone to ten and a half stone. Im on massive doses of prednisone, which I need to control a chronic health condition, so I have to get on with it. But if I dont eat regularly I feel physically sick.

They also cause swelling of the face and abdomen, which doesnt help matters.

Im not so fat I spill onto the next chair on a plane, and that was mean actually.. But Im loved, Im happy and I feel free. I dont give a damn what people think of how I look for the first time in my life.

Still, Im loved, Im getting it under control, and I totally understand why people want a pill to help them, if they are in a desperate situation regarding their weight. Its not stupid, its needing help.

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There have been many "studies" saying that weight gain (or regain, here) is linked to biological factors, such as this one. But this goes against all common sense. If genetics and other factors are the key, why are we seeing in increase in the proportion of severely overweight people? And why don't we see roughly the same ratio distributed over most first world countries?

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It's not your fault you stuff your face at McDonalds. It's not your fault you eat so many donuts. It's not your fault you eat chocolate by the hand full. It's not your, you get the point I hope.

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