NRA links school violence to Ritalin but experts deny link


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Psych drugs, suicides and mass shootings. Almost one for one. The U.S.A. is the major consumer of psychiatric drugs. There needs to be gun control, of course, and there also needs to be a real and honest look at the effects of psychiatric drugs.

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Interesting, the NRA, one of the most powerful lobbies in the US, has just taken on the pharmaceutical industry, another extremely powerful lobby. I actually think the NRA may be correct on this one, that proscribed drugs may be behind a lot of the shootings. The question is that if the NRA is right, would they be willing to allow laws that would deny guns to those on these drugs and laws where households with people on these drugs are not allowed to have guns? I think that's not likely. If they aren't willing, it means the NRA is pointing the finger, without willing to do anything about it.

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Ever the guns, according to the NRA and other gun nutters. How stupid to think its guns which kill. No guns no killing no deaths.

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There are plenty of whatever drugs in Japan and gun related crimes are close to zero. The last notable gun crime was a younger policeman shooting an older policeman to death. In Japan if you are on any kind of mood changing medications you will be denied a license for a gun, meaning a shotgun or a rifle. The problem in the U.S. is the practically unbridled proliferation guns thanks to the NRA and the arms industry. Oliver North is disingenuous. He may be too dense to realize it.

This mass murder came about because the murderer couldn't get a

date with a girl. She sensed for weeks he would kill her and said if he did she

would haunt him forever. I hope she haunt him and the NRA.

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There are plenty of whatever drugs in Japan

Psychoactive drug prescription levels in Japan are not even remotely close to what they are in the US.

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I think my ex boss was taking Ritalin to improve his memory. He spoke 500 words a minute. Clearly he was on something...

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Guns don't kill American students, the NRA does

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Bit of a cop out. 1 in 5/6 Americans are on psychotropic medication which isn't dissimilar to other developed nations (close to 1/3 in the Netherlands and France for example).

Not saying there is no correlation whatsoever between psychiatric drug use and mass shootings but surely blaming drugs (meds), video games or anything other than guns is hypocritical and wont solve anything.

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Bit of a cop out. 1 in 5/6 Americans are on psychotropic medication which isn't dissimilar to other developed nations (close to 1/3 in the Netherlands and France for example).

They talk about psychotropic med use of young people.

Psychotropic medication among the youngsters was significantly greater in the US than in the Netherlands and Germany as you can read in a three country compensation beneath. Antidepressant 3 to more times greater and antipsychotic meds 1.5 -2.2 greater.

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country comparison **

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It’s anything except easy access to guns. Why not blame it on John Wayne? He’s a macho slinger of fists and weaponery. Or, or the Coyote and RoadRunner, they were violent in their way. Not as violent as some Bugs Bunny, but still violent. Or, or, Clint Eastwood... No, he’s on our side. And alive; he could sue. Yeah, better stick to anything except easy access to weaponery.

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There is a correlation between psych drugs, suicides and mass shootings. Ritalin and Adderall are key offenders:

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That article says absolutely none of that though. It only takes about people abusing the medicine or accidentally overdosing.

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