Office air quality affects workers' cognitive function, study shows

By Issam AHMED

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Windows don’t open in most sky scrapers

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The much bigger problem is, that nowadays we already need Harvard to find out such obvious knowledge. lol I guess, in some years from now, all famous universities together will after a decade long research efforts publish a first study, that 1+1 might likely result in something between 1 and 3, but another 100 years research would probably be necessary to refine those groundbreaking quantum computed results.

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This needed a study? Surely air quality effects have been known for decades now.

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I pointed out the sruffy air to my boss once but realized that they just don't care.

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That's what the word 'stuffy' is for

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This needed a study? Surely air quality effects have been known for decades now.

If you can't measure it you can't manage it. Knowing what indoor air pollutants affect what and where these pollutants come from are essential to knowing what to do to improve the work environment.

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I think working in an indoor corporate environment must shave at least 10 years off of life expectancy.

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From my personal working experience from being a building engineer for very large office blocks up to 5,000 employees. I changed the very large industrial air filters 2m x 2m every week because they would go from white to black in that time.

Most office air systems are set for standard throughout the building but many people with allergies require personal settings and particular care within their working area. Nylon carpets attract more dust but all carpets need cleaning.

Potted plants around the office also help.

I have noticed in Japanese offices especially smaller ones the ac and air are from individual units. Even the larger building with a centralised system only has controls for whole floors and not sections. It's all on or all off.

Extracting the internal air is needed in large offices.

Here, humidity and black mould is also a problem.

There is the sick building syndrome and should always be considered.

Improve the quality of the working environment increases productivity.

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One of the things I noticed immediately when Covid-19 forces us to work from home was how much better I could breathe. The air in my old office was not good. Every time someone used the commode across the hall my office mate and I knew all about it :/ Grim.

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I have worked in two different offices where I was nodding off in the afternoon. One had windows that could open, and after we opened them, it was so much better.

Companies would do well to install great ventilation systems, it makes so much sense from a productivity point of view.

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