Omicron less likely to cause long COVID: UK study

By Jennifer Rigby

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A lot of people over here are coming down with the Omicron variant. I myself have had long covid since early April.

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Ling covid is no joke. I had lingering symptoms for around 18 months and finally feeling better

I think you said you caught Covid many times ( please correct me if I’m wrong ).

Did the long Covid last between each infection? Was it worse after any particular infection?

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Reckless, if you’ve never tested positive for Covid but have experienced symptoms that would give anybody cause for concern, you should talk to your doctor.

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Gee took them long enough to admit that….

what about long Covid caused by the Vaccines?? I wounder if they’ll ever have the courage to admit that?

I have three friends and workmates still affected after vaccination 6-8 months later…

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Gee took them long enough to admit that….

Nothing to "admit" but to find out, for people that systematically reject science it is sometimes difficult to imagine that everything that is said must be supported by evidence, but that is what makes science so useful.

what about long Covid caused by the Vaccines?? I wounder if they’ll ever have the courage to admit that?

What data do you have to support this? how does it compares with the well characterized syndrome after the infection? One thing is for you to personally believe something, another very different is for that thing to actually be something that the scientific evidence.

And no, a N=3 uncontrolled empirical study without any information is not enough to prove it.

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RecklessJune 19  12:23 pm JST

I believe so but never tested except to travel and never tested positive. Symptoms of joint pain lingered for 18 months, others such as dizziness and heart palpitations improved and worsened in waves, thankfully feel great now especially with no joint pain. I know some persons now cannot even ride the trains due to symptoms.

I know a few people who got CoVid once or twice and survived, and the vaccines help. But we still don't know the long aftereffects of it. And they can be everlasting. My own mother caught the hepatitis B when there was an outbreak in the 50s and she has aftereffects from it.

Another thing to note. Bon Jovi has been touring again and while Jon Bon Jovi got vaccinated, he caught CoVid and survived. But critics who love and hate the band have been worried because his singing voice has been seriously altered, badly. Something is wrong, and many feel that it's a long Covid effect. I saw them 5 years ago and they were fine but now, something just ain't right.

The medical workers have labored like hell all over the world to tackle this monster and we must keep up the fight because we just don't have all the answers yet.

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We don’t have many answers for the vaccine either except what is allowed…

Another friend came down with shingles recently after getting her third shot but hey obviously that’s just a coincidence because the Covid vaccines are beyond reproach…..

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BigYenJune 21  07:44 pm JST


You’re quite right. It is indeed just a coincidence. So glad you’re a reasonable person, and not one of those people who just try to blame the vaccines for every little thing that happens.

Some certain people's recent deaths have been fodder for the antivaxx liars. Colin Powell got CoVid and died from it even though he was vaccinated. But he was already in a 'high risk' group because of a bone marrow condition that weakened him already.

It's the immunity-compromised, elderly and lately children who are in the greatest danger but why take chances? Why risk becoming a carrier? Get vaxxed and take safe precautions. We're gonna beat this.

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