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On mission to eradicate virus germs, Chinese firms see the UV light

By Beiyi Seow and Jessica Yang

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210 UV tubes in the cleaning chamber... I wonder how they expose the inside?

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Look people, it is better than japan , still doing nothing and going on with the olyampics ???.

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Too many nooks and crannies on a bus for this to be effective.

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Does UV-C have to be stationary to be effective? Can they attach it to a roomba or a drone?

If they can use these to clean planes, cruise ships and trains that would be great!

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"The problem with this was that it might not reach certain corners," said Qin.

They do recognize the problem. Maybe they'll use spray selectively to complement the UV

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Well virusrex vehicles, especially their ventilation system were not made to be cleaned this way, in fact same with cars and buildings, we maybe have to rethink and redesign air-conditioning ducting, completely, not just now but for ever

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UV disinfection for rooms is effective, but for vehicles it is a quite more complicated matter. Any surface inside a shadow is not disinfected by the UV, so something as big and "closed" as a bus can have a lot of blind spots. I guess as long as the commonly touched surfaces are properly irradiated it would not be a problem, but with something as contagious as the COVID-19 it feels still a little risky.

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