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Optimism is just what the doctor ordered. But what if I’m already too negative?


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Generally, optimism is defined as the "expectation that good things will happen, or believing the future will be favorable because we can control important outcomes,”

Optimism can be a fool's paradise. The idea that we can 'control important outcomes' is crucial here. Some are blithely optimistic about things they have no control over and so frequently disappointed. Some are optimistic because they don't want to feel the responsibility that comes with a sense of control either.

Or, you can never expect anything much and then experience the highs when things turn out well yet be inoculated against the future when they don't.

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“Accentuate the Positive”, a swing hit from the 1940s WWII era, was one of my mother’s favorites which she often sang to us. It stuck! Four optimistic, highly educated, happy, hardworking grown children with grown children and grands of our own. Faith and positivity go a long way toward supporting mental and physical health.

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Problem is many think they know better than doctors and don't listen

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Why you need (have?) to be possitive?

Nothing goes well, most of the people don't get what they aim for even if they fight hard for it (just few does).

You cannot change nothing, not the poilitics, not the climate, not the economy, no nothing.

Although this may be only particular for me, but there is noone that will help you, lest a few people (only my wife I think) that can provide you some support.

Being optimistic about somethins will only end up in you hitting a wall or falling deep down, because for most people that and death is the only thing that is sure.

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Sadly I think the climate change activists have also tried to be so negative in a an attempt to force us to make changes.(which we need to do) they've gone so far with the fear, that for many, some have decided there is now no point in changing, or even trying. Health education, is another area where increasing fear,anxiety death are supposed to be a push to help patients make changes, but not everyone can. I remember the HIV doom, and gloom that was prevalent, pumping up fear, anxiety to fore behavioural change and Yes it did. I think it is up to the news, the scientist, the docs, nurses, police, to push the positives, so the average person sees its worth it .Not because of fear or worry. Instead of pushing gross domestic productivity i think it might be better to measure our nations happiness. If money made us happy then the USA would be the happiest country in the world since it is the richest. Remove the 5 evils as they say wants. disease,(healtch service) ignorance (educations), squalor (housing) and idleness,(Employment/empowerment) and we might feel better. We can't just say "be optimistic". Personally i also think Japan Today could also reduce the negative conotations of Gaijin/foreighner stories, which also builds up fear and anxiety. I don't care about the nationality/race of the next criminal.

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