Organic food not necessarily better for children, U.S. experts say


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We do not want families to choose to consume smaller amounts of more expensive organic foods and thus reduce their overall intake of healthy foods like produce

The message in the article and the message in the title seem to be different. The article does not say that "organic food is not necessarily better for children." It says that people on a budget shouldn't cut back the portion of vegetables they feed their kids because of the cost.

organic foods were no more nutritious than conventional products but contained fewer traces of pesticides

So...the implication of the title is that feeding your child more pesticides is no problem? I don't think that is what the article says either.

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All these alleged experts,touting this nonsense,are either working FOR big agro and Monsanto,or paid off by them. Do not believe a word of it TRUE ORGANIC food,as they also keep trying to lower organic standards ,so they can sell their own crap for more money ,is much better for everyone .

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Another way to rip you off. Plant have natural filters which prevent certain particles from making it to their cores.

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Pizza is a vegetable, Organic food makes no different. Another brainwashing scheme. sigh

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They can label something "organic" as long as the fertilizer used is "naturally produced". So if I piss on your vegetables, TADAAH! They're organic! (Urea acid - whether natrually created or artificially created - is the common source of nitrogen in fertilizers). A little urine mixed in with some bat guano makes a heck of an "organic" fertilizer. YUM! Enjoy your "organic" veggies with the yellowish tint to them.

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