Overweight in teens boosts middle age bowel cancer risk


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I hate seeing results like this published in mass media.

I think the thought behind promoting such results may be "hopefully this encourages young people to lose weight to avoid problems later in life," but I think for many people there is a different effect. That is, "I screwed up when i was young, so no point in getting healthier now as there's nothing I can do."

Depression is a big problem with overweight people, and that feeling of inevitable health problems sure contributes to it. It's a vicious cycle......

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It's all about body fascism... everyone should look like Venus or Adonis because that's what shallow people think of as 'normal'. We're all different... it would be a sad world if it was full of vain, self-absorbed humans who only cared about how they appeared to other humans.

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It's all about body fascism...

I thought it was all about that bass

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