Pandemic shows risk of obesity, and challenge of weight loss


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Increase in home alcohol/otsumami consumption doesn't help either ....

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Obesity is a choice. You choose what to put in your mouth. Fat is fun,it's ok to be fat....well corona had shown us that it isn't. We are moving towards a WALL-E world. Even in Japan the number of overweight people is increasing dramatically.

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Richard Ogle:

Good for anyone who makes the difficult decision to improve their health. It's hard and while it does get "easier" over time its never really simple.

I think you've got it right. Losing weight is relatively easy for me, but then I'm not and never have been obese or even overweight as such. I lose weight when I feel like my waistline has expanded a little too much, and it's not hard because I'm not a comfort eater or a fast food addict or a huge eater. But for other people it is hard, and that's not necessarily or even mostly because of a lack of willpower. So many factors come into play, including genetic, which are mich harder to overcome.

I'd hope that the Covid risk has given more overweight people more incentive to lose weight. But I guess one problem might be that as we overcome Covid, the need to lose weight might recede in people's minds. It's tough.

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For some people beating obesity is just a matter of making it a goal, but that can make those kind of people think it would be as easy for everybody else, if that was the case it would not be such a serious public health concern as it is now.

The effects of the pandemic in the obesity problem are complicated, at the same time can act motivating people to lose weight and making it difficult to do it, so it is understandable that even know it is not easy to fully calculate how much it has made it better or worse.

The most important thing is that obesity do not only predispose people to complications of COVID, so this timing (with the scare of the pandemic still fresh, but the chances to do something about your weight opening again) is perfect for health authorities to support the people into correcting their habits, this could make a huge impact.

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