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Pass the potatoes, or take a pass? Here's expert advice

By Michael Merschel, American Heart Association News

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Bake me a potato, mash me a potato, boil me a potato with my corned beef and cabbage, and I'm a happy man. Steak fries once or twice a year is all I eat, though I would like them once a week. Taters is good.

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All forms are good. Baked, air fryer chips, mashed.

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I eat potatoes most days, usually steamed. Try adding leek, chives and basil (some folk have allergic reactions to onion and garlic, but less so to leek). No salt required. No cream is required for mashed potatoes either. If kids won't eat veggies, mash them with potatoes. Lower fat spreads can replace butter. Roast potatoes are delicious with extra virgin olive oil or grape seed oil. It is worth trying baked potatoes in a microwave as they cook much more quickly and use less energy. Baking them in the embers of a bonfire is great fun. Spuds are fabulous.

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I like my spuds baked by a real fire.

All forms are good. Baked, air fryer chips, mashed.

Might I add, I like them roasted by the non-fry ノンフライ function in our built in cooker. Yummy.

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"The plain white potato's reputation as an unhealthy food also contrasts with some of the facts, Johnston said."

Unhealthy food? Disagreement here...

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Yes, potatoes have some good nutrients and fiber but it's starch which turns into glucose which in turn spike insulin. This is not healthy. Starches and sugar are bad for you period and is the leading cause of the current obesity pandemic. Having potatoes ocassionally is fine but I'd never consider it good for you unless you're facing starvation and lack food.

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