Pfizer/BioNTech jab confirmed to protect 95% in largest study yet

By Patrick GALEY

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Got my second dose March 1st, and it is a great feeling to feel safe.

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Meanwhile in Australia, panic surrounding the 4-in-a-million or so long shot of under-50 year-olds developing blood clots after AstraZeneca (of which only one has been fatal so far) has resulted in the Federal Government restricting the use of Pfizer vaccine to the under-50s. To underline the stupidity of that knee-jerk decision, the last five cases of blood clotting have all been in people over 50, four of them in their 60s and 70s.

Many over-70s have already had Pfizer jabs, but many have not, thereby leaving them and the Covid-vulnerable 60 to 70 year cohort with no choice but AstraZeneca, and effectively rendering them the least protected age group in the nation. Now AstraZeneca still has an 86% or so effectiveness after two shots and is still worth taking despite the minuscule risks, but 86% ain't 95%, is it?

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Never mind if it is the largest ever study or not.

The question is: How true is it?

95% effective? Hope it is not a special ad..

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@venze It is true as true can get. It is science and not science fiction. Read about Katalin Karikó and her incredible story and how it is because of her that we have not one, but two effective vaccines. She should get the Nobel Prize for either chemistry or medicine.

Original efficacy rates from the third stage trials of both Pfizer and Moderna vaccines show that they are both 95% and 94.5% respectively. Backed up by this study.

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@venze. Agreed. It means billions of dollars profit for Big Pharma. It sounds like a special ad. I wonder why Big Pharma has not yet found an anti-malaria vaccine which kills millions of people in Africa. The answer? Because such a vaccine is not profitable. Profit before human lives.

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And the "study" was funded by, guess who.

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And the "study" was funded by, guess who.

The illuminati secret society that want to take control of the world though nano-particles vaccines.

That's your point, right ?

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And the "study" was funded by, guess who.

A lazy insinuation.

Guessing is unnecessary for anyone capable of locating the study. Do you think that's something you could manage?

So who funded it - the title under which it was published is a strong indicator: "Impact and effectiveness of mRNA BNT162b2 vaccine against SARS-CoV-2 infections and COVID-19 cases, hospitalisations, and deaths following a nationwide vaccination campaign in Israel: an observational study using national surveillance data"

That tells you that the data on which the study is based already existed, and implies that it came from a public source. It was in fact supplied by the Israel Ministry of Health.

So a single word on funding was supplied: "None". How to explain this...the data is already in government hands, the vaccinations under discussion are done, the authors are not performing a clinical trial, and so their costs are negligible.

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Thank goodness (profit incentives) for humanity having these vaccines at all.

The prior US President had terrible messaging on coronavirus, but at least his administration did a fantastic job in expediting conditions for vaccines to become available as quickly as they did.

Now there are problems getting vaccines into people, in some countries, but it’s not for lack of vaccine availability, but rather other supply and logistical issues.

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To put things in perspective, sort of, on the block where I live four people have died from Covid-19, so far. Getting the shots is better.

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And, many of my neighbors are still refusing to get vaccinated. Their choice, but I think they are foolish.

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This is surprising only to science deniers that desperately want very hard to ignore these results, real scientists already knew that the clinical trials were enough to predict this level of protection.

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