Poor countries face long wait for vaccines despite promises


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yes, poor countries are poor. and rich countries are rich. and invested billions in vaccine development.

I kind of grew tired of long articles where various "specialists" criticize the obvious, without being able to come up with any solutions.

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"Shocking", said nobody.

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The UK is currently vaccinating just 17,000 people per day; at that rate it will take nearly 10 years to vaccinate everyone!

Some clinics are refusing to vaccinate, as they are already too busy.

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wanderlustToday  04:10 pm JST

The UK is currently vaccinating just 17,000 people per day; at that rate it will take nearly 10 years to vaccinate everyone!

That's 17,000 a day more than almost every other country though! They will obviously increase numbers as more doses become available and they move to stage 2.

Also, the current vaccination hubs in place are NOT refusing to vaccinate.

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But for poorer countries, the road will be far longer and rougher.

The roads have always been dirt, and rough ain't the word for it. Dumping well thought monies into poor countries always ends up in the pockets of the elite dictators. It is a no win situation.One of the rare few charities where the people running them only make modest slaries is the Red Feather campaign in Japan. Shameful on the others making killer salaries.

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1% of Indians own 40% of the total wealth.

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The poverty these countries suffer from is mostly self-inflicted. Most developing countries are in places with temperate climates, rich agricultural and mineral resources, not to mention abundant populations. They have all the necessary ingredients for economic success.

Their great failure is their tolerance for corruption. Corruption is generally the taking or the giving of something someone hasn’t earned. Corruption punishes those who work hard, as the benefits of their work are taken away from them. It indirectly punishes those who take what others earn by making it possible not to bother working toward a better future for themselves, which greatly limits their human potential.

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My hope and expectation is that with the Biden team leading the USA, America will be part of an international effort to ensure the availability of the vaccines to everyone on the planet.

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Sad but true..

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COVAX is a UN effort, they need $5 Billion. I don't expect to see articles about the UN undergoing layoffs or G&A reductions in other areas to help make this up (even though we have heard the importance of this for the world since summer).

More likely, Team Biden gets a couple of pins for their jackets (and great articles about "leadership" (read $) by borrowing future US taxpayer's money to give and make up the shortage.

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As it should be, rich countries invested heavily in the kool-aid development. Countries that contribute significantly to the global community must go first.

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Don't see any of these poor countries with death rates over 50,000, unlike the rich countries. So, what does that tell us

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