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Recognizing when someone is having a seizure – and how you can help during those first critical moments

By Jacob Pellinen

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..among other things.

What other things?

Do elaborate.

There are many sources where causes are listed more extensively, this article is more about what to do when finding someone having them irrespectively of the cause.


Covid is for example one of the causes.


COVID-19 was associated with an increased risk of seizures and epilepsy compared with influenza. The incidence of seizures within 6 months of COVID-19 was 0.81%

At a minimum, the findings of the current study, and those of a very recent study of 2168 children hospitalized with COVID-19 or MIS-C, 8 provide further evidence supporting the vaccination of children against SARS-CoV-2.

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I am 24 now and have had Epilepsy all my life, and on many times been taken to hospital when seizures have happened on the streets. I was prescribed the medication I still take on a daily basis, and will never miss taking them, I still get minor absences which are very weird, but they do not last for more than 10 to 20 seconds.

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It helps if bystanders know how to deal with someone having a seizure.

The emergency number in Japan is 119.

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It helps if bystanders know how to deal with someone having a seizure.

The emergency number in Japan is 119.

I am a licensed EMT (took the classes for "just in case") from the US, and have been horrified at some of the treatments, or lack of, administered by emergency care workers in Japan, such as you'd normally find tooling around in an ambulance. And manning the floor at an ER.

If you have epilepsy or are prone to seizures, think very carefully before deciding to come to Japan.

For me, I've assisted people here who were having seizures, and in one case when the firefighters arrived they immediately tried to take over the situation by talking to the person in loud voices, 大丈夫? Covering the person with a blanket (in summer), and lifting him by his head area and feet onto a stretcher. While the person continued to convulse.

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My cat has epilepsy and its sad and scary. Nothing worked for him, i wish they develop effective treatment.

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OK ...not a bizarre or "crazy " incident.

Very common.

Lots of misguided info about...eg "swallow their tongue etc "

Nope....just put the person into the side position...{not lying flat on back }

Wait for the "fit " to end....comfort the person and ask if they want further help .

I worked in a Psych.. Hospital where this was a common occurrence,..... dont make a fuss....unless you observe "status epilepticus ".which requires an IV injection...usually Valium

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