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Red meat boosts risk of dying young: study


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...don't mean to sound so cynical - but is it 'optimal' to think of length of years of living ? as opposed to

quality of years 'living' ?

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Red meat also boosts risk of living a joyful and fulfilling life!

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dumb, manipulated, biased study as always. what else did they eat besides the red meat? that will solve the riddle. correlation is not causation. do these people not get it?

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I just want to live until I die. That may sound like a simple statement, but it gets increasingly hard to live a life with any sort of freedom of choice. There is an ever increasing number of people and government agencies that want to tell me what to believe, eat, think and buy. The scary part is the US governments increasing number of regulations to restrict the sale and purchase of what it deems unhealthy food and the horde of sheeple who can’t take a shite without a five page MSD detailing what is in toilet paper and a warning label on the toilet lid for possibility of getting a hangnail while operating it.

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How sad to think that for some people 'quality if life' necessitates the consumption of processed red meat - or any other specific foodstuff. Or to be so far in denial that any study that doesn't back up your own lifestyle choices must be dumb, manipulated and biased.

what else did they eat besides the red meat? that will solve the riddle

Subjects answered surveys about their eating habits. Not just their meat-eating habits. What came out of the data was red meat and processed meat. Nuts are a better choice. White meat and fish are also better health choices than red meat, but not as good as nuts.

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Don't worry, in a couple of years they will be telling you that you need to eat more red meat. Remember, eggs were bad for you, butter is bad, coconut oil will cause heart disease, margarine was suposed to be healthy and now some countries even ban the stuff. Eat good Japanese marbled meat with it's good Omega 3 fats.

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Agree with VicMOsaka.

Remember when spinach was hailed as healthy(Popeye?) and now they say it causes cancer, etc. I say everything in moderation, if I followed all the "don'ts" out there I better lay myself in the coffin right now.

We skip on the marble Beef though(like it lean and mean), we anyway don't eat much red meat more Pork and Chicken plus game.

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eating red meat increases the risk of heart disease and cancer, it also counsels that substituting fish and poultry may lower early death risk.

So, eating read meat, poultry and fish cancels everything out?

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And in a year or two there will be a study saying red meat is good for you. I can understand the processed meat being bad for you but unprocessed red meat hmm we will see. I find it funny that they say chicken is better than red meat especially given the amount of steroids and chemicals fed chickens to make them grow quicker. I think l will stick to a mix and die happy.

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Processed red meat has been shown to contain ingredients such as saturated fat, sodium, nitrites and some carcinogens that are linked to many chronic ailments including heart disease and cancer.

Some vegetables have sodium nitritues, too. Just sayin'.

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The best red meat is as fresh as you can get , now days is almost impossible to find, usually frozen many times, which is bad , because the coagulation of the blood become toxic after 4-5 defrosting.

Chemically processed red meat is just poisonous.

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It'S ME, pork counts as red meat for this study (the article mentions hot dogs and bacon).

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**Funny-American scientists says after long research work today **that Meat is harmful for mankind.Hindu saints and Ayurveda says since thousands of years to avoid any kind of meat-if you want to remain healthy long life. Even it is considered as a SIN (pap karma) to kill and eat any living creature.WE SHOULD FOLLW VEGE DIET ONLY>

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The best red meat is as fresh as you can get

The best beef is aged. Most meat is better with a bit of aging. Poultry should not be aged that long.

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My friend from India, a Hindu, 100% vegetarian would agree with this news, but hey WE ARE ALL GONNA DIE any way! Might as well enjoy this short life and hit them yakiniku joints at least once a week I say!

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You will notice there is no forth-coming legislation forcing junk food makers to make healthful food. These are only observations that most people will never act upon.

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By the way, this is in no way trying to be offensive to pranavk, I did not see his comments until after I sent my own, but I do hope lord Krishna for gives us for loving yakiniku tabehoudai and shabu shabu tabehoudai! I guess sushi tabehoudai since Hindus consider both eggs and fish as meat, right??

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How about fish that have too much radiation from the neuclear accident? What about mercury in fish? Where do we go to get food that's not been processed at all? Ajinomoto says, "eat well live well". Had some great sushi today. Tomorrow it's tofu day. No mention about good wine or beer.

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EVERYTHING boosts your risk of dying young. Better to indulge and enjoy life than abstain and live a long and miserable life.

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If red meat were not meant to be on the diet we wouldn't have canines!

Moderation is the key.


I quite enjoyed my steak today.....

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If red meat were not meant to be on the diet we wouldn't have canines!

Gorillas have whopping great canines that put ours to shame, and they're vegetarian. Our closest biological cousins the chimps have huge canines, and their diet is 99% vegan - the other 1% is mostly termites with a very, very, very occasional baby deer or baby chimp shared out among the group. If the amount of meat (termites) a chimp eats were converted to red meat and fed to a human, he would get no more than an average of 8 gms a day.

Hippos also have enormous canines, and their diet consists almost entirely of grass and some water plants.

Lookit the canines on a panda - its diet is 99% bamboo.

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I never eat red meat. I always cook my meat/have my meat cooked until it's brown and/or black.

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That is a moronic study. So they found a correlation.

But an high-school graduate, at least from in my generation where we learned basic science, can tell you that a correlation does not automatically mean a causation.

You can find correlations between all sort of things. Maybe be there is a correlation between sock colour and life expectancy.

This study is either an early April fools story, or an embarrassing reflection of the competency of the researchers.

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Okinawans eat a whole lot of fatty pork and they have one of the highest life expectancies on the planet.

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Okinawans put fatty pork in a lot of dishes (especially the stuff they serve to tourists), but I don't think they actually eat it in enormous qualities. A large number of the calories in the traditional Okinawan diet come from veggies, in particular root veggies like sweet potatoes, seaweed and tofu, with small amounts of pork and seafood.


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I think there is more to this story than 'meats' the eye....

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ah, the vegan cleo strikes again.

Your responses--hippos, pandas, gorillas with canines..yes they do, but notice how fat they are? that will be more of a likely cause for heart diseases. Name one carnivorous animal that is naturally overweight (ones who live in the wild). You can't. Bears don't count as they get overweight for survival purposes.

I dont want to have to eat at a 100-item salad bar every day to get my daily worth of nutrients. I will stick to the meats, thank you.

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hippos, pandas, gorillas with canines..yes they do, but ...

But nothing. kurisupisu claimed that having canines means having to eat meat. He was demonstrably wrong. End of that argument, though no doubt some eager meat-eater desperate to justify his dietary choices will bring it up next time there is any discussion of diet.

Name one carnivorous animal that is naturally overweight (ones who live in the wild).

No carnivorous animals are naturally fat if only because their dinner tends to run away and they have to chase after it. Pre-dinner exercise is de rigour. And remember, humans are not carnivores, so any observation of what's best for carnivorous animals has no bearing whatsoever on what is best for humans. Do you have any statistics that show gorillas, hippos and pandas in the wild are overweight for their body shape and structure, or particularly susceptible to heart disease?

I dont want to have to eat at a 100-item salad bar every day

You mean you want to eat the same old dreary stuff every day, instead of having a well-balanced, varied and interesting diet? Each to his own, I suppose. Gorillas given their 'daily worth of nutrients' in an easy-to-eat, easy-to-digest, nutrient-packed pellet get fat. Give them their highly-varied natural diet, and they return to their ideal weight.


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What are you basing your case on?

Not the facts,that much is evident!

Is it really the case that apes don't eat meat ? You seem to imply that they are herbivores but the fact is they are not strict herbivores. They are omnivorous and that means MEAT! In fact, chimps actually seek out and prey on other monkeys-they are predators. Gorillas don't eat meat?

The research says otherwise.....


Canines are a sign that somewhere in a species history that meat was on the menu.

However,even the absence of canines does not preclude the ability to eat meat.

For many years cows had been fed feed made from crushed bone and meat which was able to be consumed by them.

That led to unforeseen consequences though.

In humans we had the ability to possibly consume grass or much more plant material than we do today due to a larger appendix-the remnant of that organ has atrophied but 'demonstrably shows' that almost everything has been or can be on the menu......

Bon apetit!

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Meat is food.

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kurisupisu -

I don't seem to imply anything. You said that the possession of canines was an indication of the need to eat red meat. I pointed out the fact that many animals that are largely vegetarian or herbivorous, and whose small intake of meat does not come in the form of 'red meat', have huge canines, thus the possession of canines (even the wimpy little canines humans have) does not indicate the need to eat large amounts of red meat. I made no sweeping statements about apes in general - in fact I did mention that chimps do hunt.

It's unfortunate that in attempting to prove your point about gorillas and meat-eating you provide a link to research about .... chimps. Gorillas are not chimps. And even your link points out that Chimpanzees are largely fruit eaters, and meat composes only about 3% of the time they spent eating overall. Another interesting point from your link is the observation that the monkeys killed and eaten by chimps are immature, ie white meat.

Nor was your initial point about the ability to eat meat; you were suggesting that the shape of the teeth meant that we should eat meat. As you mention, cows can eat meat, and we have now learned that they shouldn't. (I get the feeling that you're making my argument for me...)

If you really want to determine your menu by the shape of your teeth, look at your front incisors - the hallmark of the herbivore, used to cut grass, fruit and leaves. The incisors of a true carnivore, such as a cat, are very different; a cat cuts things with its back teeth.

Next look at your molars - wide and flat, perfect for grinding hard-to-digest vegetable matter. Meat-eating animals have sharp, pointy molars and swallow their food whole.

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Not sure where I read it exactly, but it was recent, the proof that humans evolved eating meat is in our intestines, specifically the length of them. It said that humans are omnivores and our intestinal length was between that of pure carnivores and pure herbivores.

As the old saying goes, if God didn't want us to eat meat he wouldn't have made it taste so damn good.

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