What to know about the viral outbreak in China


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Be careful. I was on the commuter train from Yokohama to Tokyo last night and a LOT of people look sick. I am teleworking as much as possible.

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I have had family and friends over for months now and riding a lot of trains. People seem very healthy to me this year. They don't look happy though going to work.

Lots of Chinese tourists as well and they are polite and spending.

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@Reckless: its exactly those kinds of comments that are indeed, Reckless. A 'LOT'of people look sick? Define looking sick?? It's January, dark and cold .

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Look sick = hacking, coughing, sneezing, watery and red eyes, trembling, palsy, projectile vomiting onto other passengers, smell of death, fecal discharge while standing, open bleeding from pores. I could go on and on but just ride the Yok-Tok train at about 6:30 and you can see for yourself.

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North Korea has closed it's borders with China. I must say I agree with the Dear Leader on this one.

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Probably unrelated to what has started over in Wuhan, but there have been a LOT of people sick with the flu, and even pneumonia, over here in South Cal.

I saw on TV an infrared scanner being used to check for people with elevated temperature, in China. That sounds like a good idea.....checking for people with fever, who haven't yet self-reported. Could be especially useful at international airports.

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Looking at videos online of 200% + overcrowded waiting rooms and the spill over into halls and ante rooms then I would propose that the numbers of cases is a lot higher and that the health system in Wuhan has been completely overwhelmed ...

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