Scientists close in on blood test for Alzheimer's

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But as their average age was over 80, they soon forgot what they were doing... ;-)

Joking aside...

Alzheimer's is a terrible disease, and if they find a cure Great!... but who will it be made available to ?

Medicine these days is all about $ , if you have no $ then you'd better not get ill.

Something is very wrong here...

The Medical profession sometimes face the blame, but they are in many ways powerless, and having to take the brunt of the blame, which should really be directed at the large Pharmaceuticals Industry. Martin Shkreli is the young arrogant face of this rot within Today's Society, he's not the arch Villan, but merely the Poster boy for what happens across the board within the Pharmaceuticals Industry.

Change needs to happen - but how ?

And before anyone wishes to promote Communism as a Society Friendly way of life... just look at the recent case of a Chinese Family who all became ill with various types of Cancer, they only had enough money to support 2, so they drew lots - the Husband rigged it so he'd lose... very honourable, but even in a "Communist" Society we have such problems...

A total rethink is required of the common necessities within our Species - the freedom of choice, shouldn't be as it is, at present, the freedom to have no choice.

This perhaps would be an ideal case for the UN to get involved in, and actually do something constructive in a apolitical way, maybe engaging the MSF model ?

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