Scientists discover hormone that blocks marijuana buzz


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If they want I'll be the next lab rat and I have attention deficit hyperactive disorder and been smoking marijuara for years and personally find it more affective than prescribed drugs I have been on in the past

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How on earth do you alleviate the "symptoms of glaucoma"?

That would be like alleviating the "symptoms" of a broken jaw....

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Full of beans means energetic or lively

Actually, it apparently means 'mistaken' or 'wrong' in American English, too.

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Xeno23Jan. 06, 2014 - 02:34AM JST I had a friend in college who always said pot didn't get her high - we all thought she was full of beans.

Full of beans means energetic or lively. I think you meant to refer to a more scatological phenomenon.

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I had a friend in college who always said pot didn't get her high - we all thought she was full of beans. Maybe not. There's always been talk of mitigating the high for medical marijuana, so I wonder how many medicinal users would suddenly vanish if that became a requirement. Getting a pass for medical use pot is a joke in the USA - pretty much anyone over 21 can get it - at least on the West Coast.

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So... they're working to remove this hormone, or its production in the human body? Well then ya haaaa. Now that's science.

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LMAO!!!! NoShiat!!! I already have that gene and that is the not to smoke weed at all gene.

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Marijuana is not physically addictive but it is fun so naturally if you do it once you're going to want to do it again. So it's "addictive" in the same way that computer games and sex are.

But talk about a useless hormone! I cannot think of any reason to want to remove the buzz from marijuana. ;-)

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A study done years ago of Vietnam war vets with PTSD in the USA found some who had overcome the crippling PTSD symptoms and were living normal lives; i.e. holding jobs, having families, and no longer addicted to cocaine or heroin. The common denominator was that they all smoked a joint of marijuana in the evening. The study concluded that more research was needed to find out why marijuana was so much more addictive than other drugs!

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No it doesn't. Marijuana has never been addictive.

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MJ becomes addictive when you mix it with other recreational drugs like nicotine or alcohol.

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treating marijuana intoxication and addiction

Just don't smoke it. Since when did it become addictive?

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When did marijuana become addictive?

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