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Scientists invent 'cannabis without the high'


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A dubious distinction--worse than Free-Beer.

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Next - breakfast without orange juice.

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Nobody "suffers" the munchies.

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So then it really IS "just a weed".

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Evil, evil people. What next? Climax-free sex?

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As a Japanese man said in a bar one day, years ago, when I explained that in America they had non-alcohol beer, "What's the point?"

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"The numbing has disappeared." I guess this particular strain wouldn't be good for people suffering from cancer. I thought the point was to eliminate pain, in the "Medical Marijuana World." Maybe they can tweak it for any kind of ailment. Speaking about hemp, and jute. When are we going to get back to making clothes, and rope etc. again. I know it was outlawed in like 1945 because of some Gov't reason. I think it competed with another business' bottom line. I think it's on Youtube, as well as Hemp Oil which cures EVERYTHING.

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Evil, evil people. What next? Climax-free sex?

According to my ex, that's already happened.

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Back on topic please.

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This will rank in the top 100 worst scientific discoveries of all time.

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i'll bet it will be a big seller, NOT

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You almost feel sorry for the dopes who think they're going to get high. Almost.

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This, officer?

No. It's not cannabis.

No, no, no!

It's that new stuff that you can't get high off of.


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According to Maariv, Tikkun Olam sought to neutralize the effect of the THC and to increase the effect of another substance called CBD, or cannabidiol, which has been shown to help diabetics and to ease various psychiatric disorders.

my first question that come to mind is, what are the medicinal benefits of THC? Also does this destroy the hallucinogenic effect completely, and in how far does in influence effects onf the pineal gland?

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Also does this destroy the hallucinogenic effect completely

I was unaware that marijuana was hallucinogenic. I knew it was psychoactive, but I didn't know it induced hallucinations like LSD does.

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