Scientists just beginning to understand the many health problems caused by COVID-19


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This is really scary. That the effects may remain with you for years to come or even life.

Khan sees parallels with HIV, the virus that causes AIDS. Much of the early focus was on deaths.

God, I hope not.

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On the subject of the worldwide pandemic, I would like to repeat myself about what I heard from my mother regarding the 1918-1920 pandemic.

Mom lived in New York City with her parents during the last pandemic. It was very traumatic for her, as she repeatedly told me about it while growing up. Mom said that in the area where they lived there were so many deaths that people had to resort to wrapping up the dead in white sheets and then leaving them on the sidewalk to be picked up by a horse drawn wagon. While Mom and my grandparents (Dutch and Finnish, btw) survived the pandemic, many of her neighbors did not. Mom said that she remembered that a family lived next door, a Dutch man and his Indonesian wife, who had three beautiful daughters, and that all three of the daughters passed away. Google says that over 600,000 people died in the US in that pandemic, and that worldwide maybe 100,000,000 died, out of a global population of less than 2 billion.

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Here we have scientific evidence that specifically differentiates it from 'just a flu'. Scientific evidence from professionals who understand the way viruses work. Politicians, whom do not understand how viruses work and have not studied for years are governing our health however are ignoring these facts.

Why is this article not headline news?

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Just the common, flu some say, those who downplay the seriously of this disease

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The cavalier "I'm not wearing a mask, it's just a bad cold" crowd are weaning themselves out of work productivity and will be adding mountains of lifetime medical costs they will be unable to pay, leaving the responsible adults who have followed the rules to avoid infection to pay the bills.

Only 52% of "recovered" hospitalized patients are well enough to return to work so far.

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