Scientists shift on brain speech center


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This a great example of science working at its best and what it is so powerful. Once there is enough evidence scientists don't say, "We will continue to believe that Wernicke's area is in such and such place because this is what we have traditionally thought for over a century". They say, “Textbooks will now have to be rewritten”.

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It also adds an intriguing wrinkle to the origins of language in humans and primates, who have also been shown to process audible speech in the same region of the brain.

But it just changed, so all veterinary books need an update too.

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right on, Mabo the "knowledge" were the speech or sounds that have meaning to the different animals, have changed also.

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I need to make a note of this. I often try to tell people that science actually does not know that much about the brain, but they always take everything in science as gospel (how is that for irony?). One point that I often challenge is the idea that teenagers make poor choices because their brains have not fully "developed". Just like Victorian doctors and scientists were publishing ridiculous things about sex, we have to accept that politicians and moral and religious nuts still have a grip on science today, and be careful what we choose to believe from science.

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Japanese scientists believe that Japanese peoples' center of speech is located at a different place than the rest of the world.

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