Scientists unpick how cannabis component may fight psychosis

By Ben Hirschler

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I have known people who smoked marijuana to reduce the symptoms of cancer. and have a neighbor who applies a marijuana based cream for her skin problems.

For myself, I have tried it, but do not like it. Whenever an article about marijuana comes out, there are numerous stories about how it can help people in some circumstances, but little is mentioned about people like myself who just plain don't like it. I like to take a drink now and then, but marijuana does not give me pleasure.

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Any substance shown to reduce abnormal behavior will soon become a mandatory component of every one's diet.

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Many people who begin smoking Cannabis soon discover that the organic solvent and physiological and social poison poison Ethanol, EtOH, is no longer satisfying. One of the major reasons that Pot may not be attractive to a person is because it stimulates thought. For some, this is the reason they use EtOH to blot out their lives or imagined inadequacies. But, the thinking one does when experiencing Mota's effects tend to leave the tired habitual pathways which stimulate the desire for obliteration and open the imagination to new thoughts and epiphanies. For some people who are highly and rigidly controlled, particularly conservative people afraid of 'thinking' or prescribed from 'thinking' by their belief systems, this can be a terrifying experience, the 'paranoia' some people experience, undirected fear of their own minds. A mind unaccustomed or unwelcoming to 'new' thoughts may find Marijuana uncomfortable albeit it is Humanity's oldest (8000 years) documented pharmaceutical. Big Pharma has every Corporate right to hate it and spend hundreds of millions of dollars buying politicians and trying to poison the public mind to a major, effective, and essentially side-effect free medicinal substance superior to any of the poisons they push. THAT'S the ONLY problem with Cannabis, Nature's apothecary.

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