Scientists warn climate change is harming children's diets

By Sonia Elks

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It's ironical to observe that children in "developing countries" probably eat better than obese American kids whose diet consists of fast food and TV snacks.

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Vegetarian diet? That is voluntarily self-applied malnutrition, nothing else. In addition, masses of people in agriculture or animal farming would lose their income and so happen to be again very fast in danger of malnutrition. On the other side, the extreme population growing there would lead again to more needed agricultural land even under only vegetarian lifestyle. Whatever you do, it’s becoming a problem or the same problem anyway (again). Therefore it is not a problem catalog that can be solved, but more an unsolvable dilemma, everyone should get used to.

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Another aspect of the problem is the enormous amount of agricultural land used to produce food thta is then fed to animals for the table. If people switched to a vegetarian diet, many of these issues could be addressed in the space of a couple generations, along with the methan problem, animal-human transmission of diseases, engvironmental degredation and deforestation from raising animals for food...

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