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Secondhand smoke linked to higher risk of stroke


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This is even more serious for smokers than non-smokers as smokers end up breathing in their own smoke a second time. Think about it.

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All public smoking needs to be banned. All of it. In Japan you cannot go even a few hours in public without getting blasted by the poison that is second-hand smoke. And the smokers, they do not care at all about the damage they are doing to kids or others. "Hey it is legal" they say. Poison is legal but Mr Smoker if I pour it in your drink maybe you would not like that so much. Smokers are pigs as well, find a square meter around any train station and your find discarded butts everywhere. It is a disgusting and anti-social habit that at this point only suicidal idiots would start or continue. Yet millions are addicted like any other junkie and cannot quit.

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Why can't the smokers just inject the nicotine, like all the other druggies?

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An interesting study that needs to be duplicated. Is the worst culprit the nicotine, the smoke, something else, or a combination of the above? Also worth noting, in the USA cigarette manufacturers are allowed to add chemicals in other to maximize their profits, while in some European countries they are not. Also, American cigarettes can legally have up to 24% fillers, other than tobacco leaves, which can change the composition of the smoke. In other words, if the study were duplicated with Dunhills, instead of Marlboros, the results might be different.

What about all of the smog generated in China? Are there any studies regarding what effect that smoke has on the health of young and old?

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The people most likely to be exposed to secondhand smoke at home were black men with high alcohol intake and a history of heart attack who were living in poverty.

Which makes you wonder what results would have been obtained if those factors had been correlated instead of secondhand smoke.

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"What about all of the smog generated in China? " 1glenn, I read somewhere than every person living in New Delhi inhales bad air equelent to two packs of cigarettes.

Anyway, it should be totally banned from public places.

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