Skinny jeans could make you a fashion victim: doctors


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Is the problem the skinny jeans or the plump thighs and buttocks?

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I have seen so many obese women trying to look thin, healthy and sexy in them. What a shame. If they realized that you can't fix obesity with tight pants, they could get proper help to look like they did when they were young before eating all the junk food. Lucky she is alive.

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Suffice to say that:

A) Skinny jeans of any sort are probably not the best thing to wear when moving.

B) It sounds as if this particular woman was wearing skinny jeans that were perhaps three or four sizes too small, compounding the problem exponentially (thus, her level of obesity is irrelevant, as even the leanest woman can still get in trouble with pants several sizes smaller than what would be normal for her).

Even so, how utterly fashionable she must have looked, trapped on the floor and immobile.

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Very worrying.

I agree with Tenguleavings, what a strange thing to wear if you're going to be doing something so physical as moving boxes and so on as house moving entails. And no, she can't have looked too fashionable!! She's lucky she was not somewhere like aboard an airplane where the dvt risk would have added to the existing problem and she might have been stuck on the plane in extreme pain or she could have died.

The report makes no reference to the woman's size. This could have happened to any woman wearing skinny jeans, whatever her size. I have a pair myself and am nowhere near fat and though I have had no problems so far I do wonder about it, even if my pair has zips at the leg hems which aid circulation I think. I had no plans to buy anymore anyway nor wear them for activities such as moving boxes for house-moves (or for travelling on planes!!) but this has cemented that decision. They are not the most flattering jeans on a lot of people, slim or not. I don't like seeing men wear them and it has also been reported by scientists that it does men no good anyway.

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You don't have to be fat to not fit into skinny jeans. Plenty of people have low body fat but very well developed upper legs & butt, especially sprinters & people who do weight lifting. Moral of the story is screw fashion & wear what is appropriate for your body type.

Glad to hear she's ok though. Death by skinny jean would not be a nice way to go.

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They look awful, no matter the size of the wearer. They look so uncomfortable.

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