Smog causes surge in heart attack deaths: study


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The "stripping out other factors" is code for "making sure the numbers fit our predetermined conclusion". Lies, damn lies, and statistics.

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This should come as no surprise to anyone familiar with the epidemiology of diseases. Increasing smog is just the most obvious cause of health and environmental damages from burning fuels. Nuclear power is much safer in this regard with essentially zero emissions.

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China's mainland home to 247 'cancer villages'

Smog envelopes China during Lantern Festival dated 2/24/2013

This is really baaad. This photo looks like a hell. Chinese govt is not doing anything for this. That's even worse.

I believe there are 17 nuke energy plants operating while 29 more are being built in China. The data supports the nuke accidents in China is more than ten times higher than Japanese. I have heard that many Japanese nuke engineers are now being hired by Chinese government. Hope this is just a rumor.

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In 100 years non of this will matter and none of it ever happened.

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But how could this be? WHO has been telling everyone for at least a decade that all these deaths are smoking related? ... oh, wait, they've succeeded in their anti-smoking goals (or at least brainwashed everyone into thinking that it is the anti-Christ), so now they can move onto the real culprit, pollution.

Of course they're very careful, they don't want to lose their big funding from business, so they're not targetting chemical factories, or the other big producers of pollution, they need to choose small targets.

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Look at this photos of heavy smog in China data released on 2/27/2013. Shame, shame, shame, China.

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