Smoking bad for pets, study shows


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My homecat died of a throat (front neck) cancer, because I was smoking at my rooms.

That's so bad... it was a very precious cat, female.

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Smoking is bad for pets too

Smoking is bad, full stop. It has not a single thing in its favour. It's dirty, it's smelly, it's bad for the health, it's antisocial, it's totally weird that any reasonably well-educated (=able to read) person in the modern world would even contemplate the idea of burning money, tarring their lungs and ostracising themselves from polite society for the sake of gaining an addiction. Anyone whose mind processes are so challenged isn't going to be thinking about the effects of smoking on their pets.

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If we as humans use animals to determine if substances could or are bad for us humans then you'd think the exact opposite would be true, right? So it totally makes sense that if breathing cigarette smoke is bad for humans then it couldn't possibly be good for pets. Sometimes you gotta wonder who writes this stuff. Is it just for filler????

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These fools even smoke around their own children, so I doubt whether they'd be concerned about the health of their pets.

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While attending the 10 th Annual Congress of the International Radiation Protection Association held at Hiroshima in May 2000, I was intrigued to note that at the end of every session a few delegates were rushing to a room at the further end the building. I thought that they were going there to collect some complimentary items such as ball pens, key chains etc from vendors of radiation equipment. I was wrong. They were rushing to the "Smoking room". They were specialists in estimating risks! They did not care where it mattered.

It did not surprise me. Many radiation safety professionals were addicted to smoking. A few of them abstained when they suffered clearly identifiable diseases associated with smoking. During the 60s and the 70s they listened to the budget speeches of the finance ministers mostly to figure out the tax proposals on cigarettes!

They knew that about fifty percent of smokers will die of it. Presently, the figure is more. Do they care about the pets when they do not care about themselves and their kids!

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At end of life, maybe for last several years of it, will feel like breathing through an oil filter.

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It seems that anyone who smokes should not have pets home or after quit smoking if one loves them very much.

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I've weened my whippet down to about a half pack a day - still too much, but the sight of him trying to spark the lighter with his little dewclaw is just too cute to make me make him go cold turkey.

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