Smoking linked to mental decline in men


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Just smoking shows a pretty big decline in intelligence, in my opinion. Sad to see so many Losers walking around, puffing on their cancer sticks, soon to be emitting puffs of Cesium-laced cancer clouds. Smoking IS dementia.

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Brain dead to brain deader

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The thing is, whether it's bad for our brain, lungs, liver or any other part of our body, people still want stimuli, be it tobacco, alcohol, weed, coffee or Belgian chocolate. As everyone knows, this is nothing new....mankind has been puffing away and chewing magic mushrooms since the dawn of ages. We weren't really concerned about the health risks of any of it until very recently, so I believe people (especially those who use such substances) still need some time to let it sink in. Give it a couple more generations, and I think the mass denial will come to an end and smokers, drinkers etc. will realize how silly their habit really is.

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If this is the effect it has on men, imagine what it does to the ladies!

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Anyone who smokes today or starts by definition is stupid. So the fact that smoking makes you more stupid is not a big loss to society. What is horrible is the second hand smoke damage to kids and other non-smokers that selfish addicted weak brained smokers inflict. Now there are studies as well that show that third hand smoke poisoning occurs, that is breathing in the stink of smoke from smokers around you even when they are not smoking, the stink from their clothes for example. On trains non-smokers notice this for sure and now it seems to cause harm. There should be a smokers only car on trains where the addicted losers can stink up their own air and let those of us that want to be healthy not be polluted by the harmful effects of residual toxins from addicted smokers.

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zurc. So true!

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