Smoking weakens a gene that protects arteries: study


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Wow, all this research to extend the lives of those who choose to smoke.

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Wow, all this research to extend the lives of those who choose to smoke.

Yeah, why would anyone ever want to help those evil, evil addicts. They are satan's spawn and should go immediately to hell. Do not pass go, and do not collect $200.

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That picture is just nasty!! JT, you couldn't come up with one better than that??

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People like to blame the addicted smokers, rather than the govt-sponsored pushers. Perhaps Japan should stop supporting the tobacco industry, eh?

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Not a defense(non-smoker) but JT has diversified a lot into foods drinks(vending machines, etc).

They also offer improved ventilation, etc technology.

20yrs ago it was truly bad but much improved now.

Took a friend recently to an Excelsior Cafe no smell noticeable to her from the smoking section.

Honestly think a lot of smokers over react, like in Billy Connolys skid of the 'Tobacco Police'.

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@Raw Beer

Wow, all this research to extend the lives of those who choose to smoke.

Unfortunately smokers also share their habit with those around them. The article doesn't comment on the level of smoking required to trigger the gene change. I'm guessing that they don't know yet, and that it would depend very heavily on the individual. One person might smoke a pack a day for 50 years and be fine, and another could get the mutation from one inhalation.

Anyway, I hope that this new knowledge will encourage more people to quit. Maybe it will also convince the Japanese government that the tobacco industry makes no sense economically, medically, or morally.

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And when I buy those bottles of green tea, I make sure it is made by ANY company but JT.

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Pukey, the bottles are also supposed to add to your tea chemicals that weakens your genes.

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