Some fear boosters will hurt drive to reach the unvaccinated


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And they should live with the consequences of that decision.

The problem with that is they aren't the only ones that have to live with the consequences.

People who rely on others getting vaccinated because they can't for legitimate reasons, like being immunocompromised from other conditions, have to live with those consequences.

The entire population who don't want to deal with more vectors for variants and mutations have to live with those consequences.

This is the entire reason people are upset at the anti-vax crowd. If it was truly only their own lives they were risking, I would not care. It would be their choice. To the contrary, they are risking the lives of every person they interact with every day. They are either very ignorant to these dangers, which is something we can hopefully reach out and remedy, or they are sociopaths who do not care about other people. That category, sadly, we can do little about.

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@Burning Bush: Lovin' the way you guys twist everything. You don't believe in vaccination full stop - and its misleading comments like that preventing the 70 million from starting. Devious.

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The problem is, they tell the full truth only in slices. Although vaccinated twice too and probably taking a booster shot in some months, I have of course doubts too, about how long or how many future vaccination jabs a body can stand. Like most of us I have surely no intentions to fight COVID-19 disease and spreading by earlier dying from too many vaccinations. Commitment yes, but not at such rising prices and probable risks, especially those heart muscles inflammations. I guess we need more truth and reliable statistical data here.

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People were told that if they got the two shots, life would return to normal. Now, many are getting fed up with the constantly moving goal posts.

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Dr. Alex Jahangir, director of orthopedic trauma surgery at Vanderbilt University Medical Center and the head of a coronavirus task force in Nashville, Tennessee, recalled operating on an elderly man injured in a car wreck over the summer. The man survived those injuries but ended up dying from COVID-19.

Jahangir said he was struck by how the man’s family seemed to absorb the facts about the COVID-19's dangers only at the very end.

“Only when they were negatively impacted did they seek the truth," Jahangir said.

Indeed, Red State medical services are crumbling under the number of unvaccinated patients and conservative radio hosts that spread vaccine disinformation and anti-vax views are filling ICU's and morgues at alarming rates....

Yet you still have Repub imbeciles like this Trump wanna-be saying the vaccine contains "octopuses"...

The email from the legislator contained a 52-page “report” with disinformation on COVID-19, including claims that “unknown, octopus-like creatures are being injected into millions of children worldwide.”

Republicans - we're stupid and we're proud of it....

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we should be fearful

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People were told that if they got the two shots, life would return to normal

No one ever told me that.

I was told that if I got the shots, I'd be less likely to end up dead or on a respirator, or suffering for years with long covid.

So far so good.

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People were told that if they got the two shots, life would return to normal. Now, many are getting fed up with the constantly moving goal posts.

The ones saying that were the antivaxxer groups, obviously making exaggerated strawman arguments. The actual thing experts said was that vaccination would help reaching herd immunity, which is what would allow people to have less of the other measures used against the spreading of COVID. The experts also told people that the vaccine would reduce their risk of getting complications and dying from the infection, and that is still completely true.

So, in reality this is a false goal misrepresented by people that oppose science, while the "moving goalposts" have been clearly considered from the beginning, when the appearance of variants was still only a possibility.

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It will be interesting to see the booster response, I think I saw a poll that 65%+- of vaccinated would take a booster. This and eventually complacency, will impact overall "fully vaccinated" should booster shots become "like your annual flu shot".

Any country with high influx of people (particularly those that don't fly in with health regulations in place), will not be protected until the world is protected, colour me skeptical but that seems like,...never.

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