Some with Alzheimer's find care in far-off nations


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so sad to end up like this at the end of life. i do hope there is a cure or more powerful medication to better slow or stop this kind of disease. i can well imagine Thailand or the Philippines have most attentive carers.

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This story breaks my heart, but I'm glad some of them can be happy in their final years. I take care of my 86-year-old mother, and it can be difficult and lonely for both of us, but we have some great times, too. More good than bad at this point, but it is stressful. I thank God she doesn't suffer from Alzheimer's and is still able to walk. Now, I worry about my old age. Who will care for me? Caring for my mom has taught me that, as uncomfortable as it may be to confront the idea of getting old, I must make arrangements now while I can still make decisions for myself. Maybe this type of care will become more and more common. It is a global challenge for sure.

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I've worked in nursing homes as a CNA and Social Services rep. While training for these positions, they taught us that only about 5% of people will need to be in a care facility as they age.

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They are better oriented in their own living places and communities, she says. Friends, family members, neighbors can visit them.

Not necessarily. Based on first hand experience, their friends and neighbours may have died or be too ill themselves to visit anyone. Family may live far away or have predeceased them. If they do have family and friends they don't recognize them or remember them--or even their deaths. Plus out-sourcing is a way of existence now. That's what the notion of a Global Village now means--people go where they get whatever they need most cheaply, whether it's widgets or garments or health care.

The humane and merciful solution would be to offer the right to end one's life at the time of one's own choosing. Pets have it better than people in this regard. But so far, in spite of the looming problem globally, that's the solution that "dares not speak its name."

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Here is some research into the prevention of Alzheimer's Disease.

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