Spices in curry suppress respiratory problems, study finds


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Article title is false, no such thing has been found. One thing is to see an effect when applying something directly to cells outside of the body in a plastic dish, another completely different is to see the same effect on tissue while the person is alive and the chemicals are taken as a drug.

There are countless examples where things work wonders in vitro and then fail to produce anything in vivo, not even reaching the step of clinical trials.

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This conclusion is from a Japanese curry maker. They don't have an incentive to have the results show them in a good light, do they?

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Everyone knows the spices in curry are good for you. As long as you're not eating too much katsu-curry, lol

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I can’t say that I have noticed spices in what the ajapanese consider curry, they are all pretty tasteless when compared to the real thing!

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