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Statins don't cause muscle pain: study

By Mariëtte Le Roux

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The last sentence says it all... "The trial was funded by Pfizer, which markets atorvastatin under the trade name Lipitor."

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You've got it absolutely right. Unfortunately, this last part will be ignored by most reports and doctors will be forcing these often damaging drugs onto patients on the basis of 'research shows that the side effects are all in your head'.

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Statins are an evil drug - will kill your life and there's no need for most people to use them.

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Biggest money-spinner of all time if you can get everyone onto them.

The penultimate line says it all really: "One limitation of the study was that it considered a single statin."

So, what kind of 'study' is that? The results are not about 'statins'.

When people experience problems, the doctor will often change the statin for you. What does that tell you? Individual reactions will differ, perhaps?

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I have experience using statins due to hypertension (high blood pressure). At first, my doctor prescribed two - both Lipitor and another. Within a month I was suffering cramps in my legs that were so severe they were crippling in how badly they locked the muscles into solid stone. And it takes a lot of painful massage to get those muscles normal again. When it happens in the middle of the night when you're sleeping, it's particularly disturbing. Nocebo? That's insane. I dropped one of the statins for three months, my blood pressure went up just a bit, and the cramps became less frequent. My doctor wasn't happy with my choice of dropping one and convinced me to start up on the second one again. As I type this, it's no coincidence that I just got out of bed at 3AM with a vicious cramp in my calf and it took ten minutes to loosen in up enough to walk to the kitchen to make some coffee and read today's JT. It still hurts. Don't believe Pfizer, the author's comments, or anyone quoted in the article.

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Any "study" funded by Pfizer can be dismissed as L I E S .

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just to be fair a bit of research indicates taking coenzyme q10 with statins reduces the muscle cramping.

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