Stem cell therapy used to treat damaged hearts


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This is amazing and wonderful news! I hope the trials go well.

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Japan-today continues to amaze me with their up to the minute reporting on health related innovations.

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"MADRID — A Spanish hospital has successfully used stem cells culled from healthy donors to treat seven heart attack victims, in what officials said was a world first." - article

What chance might TBI be addressed or Alzheimer's and stroke victims also? So any wonderful potentials. (So many distressing events that ruin humanity's potentials. Cheers to Madrid’s Gregorio Maranon!)

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Id be interested to know if the patient still requires anti rejection medications, since the stem cells are still from another person. When they differentiate, wouldn't they express the chemical markers that make them a target for the immune system? Do they differentiate into heart cells on their own, or are they treated beforehand?

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Jorge GonzalezFeb. 02, 2015 - 10:33PM JST

since the stem cells are still from another person.

I have a friend who used her own cells. You may want to contact the organization listed below. They are actually treating many who have very limited treatment options. Good luck to you.

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It's so cool that they were able to successfully use stem cells to help treat those heart attack victims! Seeing as this is a world first, it should be really neat to see how effective the treatment ends up being. It'd be neat if they can start regularly using this sort of treatment to help other heart attack victims in the future.

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