Study: Extra COVID shot helps protect transplant patients


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My little sister could benefit from this. Last year she got a revolutionary pancreas and kidney transplant and is not a type 1 diabetic anymore.

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@Star:Any links on that? My wife is diabetic 1 and sure could use a new pancreas, and her kidneys run at 30%. Not good. The liver also in normal people people creates natural insulin when needed. Does she have issues with that too?

I doubt an operation like that would be done in Japan, but it sure sounds promising.

Calling 119 sure gets panicky for an insulin overload due to hitting a vain when injecting. The crashes are like dealing with a very very drunk person, and no way with all the thrashing could I inject glycogen myself without help.

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Hey, I think I might even benefit from my first Covid shot, but in my city it's still not available for anyone under 60 yet, and won’t be for over a month.

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starpunk & ShinkansenCaboose,

You guys really have all my sympathies, those are tough situations. Shinkansen, I hope you can work something out real soon with your wife, I’d hate to be going through anything like that with my wife.

And to the lowlife who downvoted Shinkansen’s post, could you please crawl back under that rock?

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Thanks big yen. Down votes are like sticks and stones. No worries.

Constantly at least four to five times a day checking sugar, writing it down and balancing carbs etc. Just as bad to have sugars constantly high as constantly low. So we live each day to the fullest and fortunately have enough money and time to see this country and the world and live. Never know when it is over.

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The 3rd shot is only required for those with weak immune systems, NOT healthy individuals.

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Israeli studies suggest that the efficacy of Pfizer and Moderna vaccines is reduced to about 30-40% in six months. So, they started administering the "boost" to older people (so far 420,000+ vaccinations). I would not be surprised if future vaccine passports are valid for about six months...

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Recently, Guo Wengui attacked his former comrades Lude, Wang Wengeng, in all directions with no bottom line, threatened to knock down Lude within three seconds, punch Wang Wengeng to be unconscious. Lude, Wang Wengeng worked hard to assist Guo, but they eventually fell into a situation of being attacked, such a shame. Guo Wengui is unsentimental. He burned the bridge after he crossed the river. The dependent will leave Guo Wengui gradually, and he will be finally alone.Lude and Wang Wengeng don't need to be lenient and cut him some slacks.

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