Study: Genetic test predicts middle-aged obesity risk


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European people are the same genetic stock as most Americans, yet they are much thinner.

Japanese people who grow up in America tend to be fatter too, even exchange students gain weight after a year in American.

It's all the hormones and additives in American food, courtesy of your FDA, which is merely a branch of Monsanto.

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Diet and activity, what a secret to not to get fat !

Never seen an obese dying of hunger...

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It's all the hormones and additives in American food, courtesy of your FDA, which is merely a branch of Monsanto.

I don't believe it. I see enough American "cooking" shows here in Australia to know that food for a lot of Americans means stuffing their faces full of as much meat and cheese and whatever else they can fit in, preferably between two sugar-filled, nutrition-free buns. You don't need Monsanto to help you do that.

Here in Australia, where we also have an obesity problem, I can walk past any MacDonalds between 3 and 4 p.m. and see far too many people doing the same thing - what is they're eating at that time of the day? Lunch? Dinner? No, my guess is it's something between the two, something they tell themselves is just a snack.

I have a lot of sympathy for those with genetic problems or inheritances which make it difficult for them not to put on weight. I've seen that happen to too many people to be too critical of them. But when it comes right down to it, for most people obesity is mostly the result of the combination of two factors - eating too much, and not exercising enough. No extra hormones/additives required. It really is that simple.

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Photo - good grief.

I'd bet a month's income some changes to their nutrition ( more vegetables, less meat and high calorie stuff ) and a decent amount of exercise would do wonders.

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Recently my weight increased by 8 kg. I'm over 65 but have ate a healthy diet avoiding sugars and process foods. I'm also fairly active and exercise. The weight increase puts me in the obese range. Over 20 years my weight increased about 20 kg. Now on a low card diet to lose 10 kg which could take me one year. Increased activity with daily walking. Now using phone apps to track my food intake reducing that from 2600 kcal to 1500 kcal or less.

I notice more obese Japanese people these days than 20 years ago and I'm not the fattest guy on the block.

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Here's your killer guide to losing weight:

Eat less, exercise more.

Pay me millions of dollars now!

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Availability of junk food is the main driver of obesity. Genes may make a person more or less susceptible to weight gain, but if you don't constantly stuff your face with cakes, burgers and other rubbish you won't get fat, guaranteed.

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Researchers say they have come up with one [a genetic test], and that it might allow interventions in childhood to avoid that fate.

Brought to you unmoderated by both Dr. Haagen-Dazs and Dr. Croissant.

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Cake.... Fat people love cake!

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Keep busy.

I eat burgers, go to macdonalds often (far from daily!), Take whatever I want : coke, foie gras, deserts, etc.

I just don't stop moving naturally (putting garbage out, gardening, sports, taking stairs instead of moving walkways, etc) and it means you need to be conscious that a calorie in will not move out except if converted into movement (for 95% of it, the rest being the metabolism consumption).

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