Study: Millions should stop taking aspirin for heart health


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JT does a good job of reporting news about the latest medical advances and research. Thank you.

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This is so late. Last year's news. I stopped immediately after reading about it and consulting with my heart doctor.

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This is so late. Last year's news. 

That's not really how medicine works.

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The original advice was to take Aspirin if you had a heart condition under Doctor's advice. Although a Natural substance, it does have consequences - such at the thinning of the blood, which can be counterproductive to a lot of users. You have to be smart about your regular Pill popping fads, as these may end up ... popping you - quite literally. That said, should you be in a position of having a heart problem, an Aspirin may help... though it was once banned in Japan,(probably still is), and I've never seen the product available here so named, so I don't know if you can easily walk into a drug store and get it... or even ask for something similar - doing so may draw a lot of blanks... "Buffarin desu ka" ??

I wonder, what Medical professionals would advise in the absence of Aspirin in such an emergency... a bottle of Whiskey or the can's of chu-hi's 9% or sakei 20%... ? Grabbing one of those ubiquitous AED devices and slapping it onto their chest would perhaps be interesting from an onlookers perspective, but probably not for the patient unless they happened to be with properly trained 1st aiders.

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