Study shows cannabis eases sclerosis stiffness


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The scare campaign against cannabis has gone on long enough. Time to finish it. What a waste of money and lives.

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I'm going to give this a go and see how it works on my sore lower back.

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The lapdog media will either ignore, dismiss, or discredit this as it is anathema to their control philosophy.

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I use it for mild psoriatic arthritis... it works great. But it does leave one hungry a lot and can cause your weight to increase if your not careful. I recommend NOT having a couple of drinks at the same time. I couldn't care less about legal side of it. My life, my choice.

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ahh i can't wait for Vancouver to legalize weed!!! wooooo so good!

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jay so true i crave for food lol sux~

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Wouldn't mind scorin' me some scleronic.

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this is good news.................................

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thats kinda old news, isnt it? but once more i dont see any info relating to the balance between THC / CBD in the substance used. Like most statistical inquiries its very incomplete. Like saying people who drink three cups of coffee per day have x percent less chance of contracting alzheimers? How big were those cups? What was the frequency did they drink three in the morning or three during the whole day. What brand of coffee? How strong was it. What is the process used to refine and package it, etcetera. Insufficient data

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ok, but it's, like, pot. Just smoke a little more or a little less and you'll figure it out eventually.

When will there be medical marijuana in jpn??

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I can just see all the pot heads claiming: "but I've got multiple sclerosis, man... "

I can see it being used by genuine patients, but I can also see junkies using it at as an excuse to smoke weed.

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Notice the fact it was an ingredient extracted from cannabis made into a pill form, not getting high on smoking it. typical pot heads.

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