Study: Stronger evidence links Epstein-Barr virus to multiple sclerosis


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During the pandemic a lot of attention have been put in new drugs and vaccines about unrecognized risks, but one thing that a log of people keep forgetting is that infections are the most frequent cause of elevation of risks for people and this is a great example. A virus that has been with humanity for who knows how long, that have been studied for many decades and still new unrecognized risks are being identified. This speaks a lot about the value of preventing as much as possible infections even of viruses that appear benign in the short term.

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Excellent point. Many people are focusing only on the possible but rare side effects of the vaccine.

Yet, huge numbers of people are coming up with long term illnesses as a result of having gotten Covid. Few people know that even Omicron the so-called mild form of Covid is causing other potentially lifelong health issues,

Most people never experience any auto immune diseases. And if they happen to know someone who does, they don’t bother to wonder how the person came to have that disease. Doctors simply tell people with these diseases, that the cause is unknown. Or they think there is a genetic component and a possible triggering disease or exposure that sets the immune reaction that causes the disease off.

Three close relatives and myself have all suffered from an auto immune disease and each of us has suffered from a different one.

Multiple sclerosis is one, myasthenia gravis, aplastic anemia, and sarcoidosis are the others. Look them up. Life isn’t pleasant with them, even if you can stay alive.

Avoiding Covid-19 alone is enough reason to get vaccinated. Avoiding long Covid is another. I would give anything for my family and myself not to have gotten these other diseases that can be triggered by a viral infections.

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