Study throws fat in the fire of diet debate


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Omega 6 fats are inflammatory especially when heated (unsaturated). You want good saturated fats like fish fat, animal fat, unheated extra virgin olive oil etc.

Worst fat: Heated Omega 6 vegetable oils (unsaturated) that have been heated for weeks (fast food etc).

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This is old news and I pity people who depend on the media for their health. Yes, eat "healthy" saturated fat: virgin coconut oil, olive oil, and even lard from pastured animals (but don't overdo any oil). Do NOT eat industrial seed and vegetable oils (PUFA). That stuff isn't even food. Canola? Don't touch it.

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It's not what you eat but how much you eat... Portion size control is the first thing people should be aiming for. Fat, carbs, they're all healthy as long as you don't stuff yourself.

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We've known this since 1974. (Drs R. Atkins, MD, R. Passwater PhD, and the 3 authors of Human Physiology, textbook for med schools, Vander, Sherman and Luciano).

It's the carbs that fatten. Digested, they 1st top up liver and muscle glycogen, the rest rapidly, in 20 minutes, converts to body fat in the mitochondria. Fat is only slowly converted to useful energy. HFCS and sugar convert in 20 minutes to fat in the liver!

Many suspect that fats have to be made to look bad, to fatten and to clog arteries, (which they don't.. they all PROTECT), so as to be able to market the toxic and useless statin drugs. Doc says, bad cholesterol high.. take statins. Trusting, ill informed patients assume the dc means BAD FATS caused this.

Get your accurate health data from the tthairsolutions dot com site from their new, affordable 11 Optimum Health guides.

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Simply put it is the type of fat that matters not the amount. So don't eat anything that contains trans fat, hydrogenated and partially hydrogenated oils and add some healthy saturated fat into your diet. This includes omega-3 fatty acids. By changing your diet in these two ways you can help prevent life--shortening disease.

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Of course the traditional fats are not a problem. We eat such kind of fat for thousand of years. It is the sugar the problem. Sugar intake has skyrocketed in the past 160 years. Our body converts it to fat, quickly and it makes you crave more food. So the food industry now put it in EVERYTHING, also in salty and spicy food, canned vegetables, any kind of souce... Check by yourself the processed food at your local supermarket: it is very very hard to find something without sugar. And if it seems without sugar, think again, it has more than 40 name variation, invented just to hide it in the ingredient list.

In countries where fat intake has skyrocketed, such as China, there has been an associated rise in obesity and health problems, he pointed out.

In all countries where there is a rise in obesity and health problems like diabetes, sugar intake has skyrocketed.


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****Cinnamon reduses blood sugar.

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