Study: Whooping cough vaccination fades in 3 years


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"The whooping cough vaccine given to babies and toddlers loses much of its effectiveness after just three years—a lot faster than doctors believed"

What's this about doctors "believing" things. Aren't these vaccines supposed to be thoroughly studied and tested before they're used.

The fact that these injections are given on the basis of "belief" is worrying. Since they're playing with our bodies they shouldn't be so careless and ignorant.

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Neversubmit, this is because a virus can change over time, whether you call it mutation or evolution, or simple adaptation, the fact remains that viruses alter to the point where vaccines eventually have to be changed. Never heard of the common cold? There's a huge variety of cold viruses that mutate extremely rapidly which is why there's no vaccine. Flu? Those mutate fast too, which is why when deciding which vaccines to offer those in need each year governments have to take advice (mostly guesswork) from 'experts' as to which variations of the illness might be most common that winter. They're constantly working on these vaccines to try and keep up.

When it comes to Pertussis obviously they felt too certain that it's slow mutation meant they'd never have problems with the effectiveness of the vaccine. More fool them, scientists are often too certain of their own theories to notice the facts.

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"which is why when deciding which vaccines to offer those in need each year governments have to take advice (mostly guesswork)"

Ya, not sure that I want any "guesswork" injected into my body.

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The DPT vaccine is perhaps the most controversial childhood vaccine and nearly all doctors have seen whooping cough in children who have been fully vaccinated. Side effects for the DPT shot range from seizures to mental and physical retardation and in many cases, death. Because of the extensive cases of vaccine induced injury and death, and related lawsuits against the companies that produced the vaccines, the National Childhood Injury Act was created in 1986. Thus it's pretty clear that vaccination is not a effective form of immunization. Only nature is capable of immunizing the body. Injecting vibrant healthy bodies with virulent micro-organism is an assault to the immune system. Natural therapies can build the immune system in most cases and reverse the damage done by vaccines.

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this is because a virus can change over time

Uhuh. Whooping cough is a bacterial disease though. But sure, bacteria mutate like viruses. In my youth there were no fancy vaccines that enriched pharmaceutical companies. My siblings and I - and there were four of us - had to fight off the disease by ourselves.

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Let's get this straight,

Big pharma produced the whopping vaccine and they touted that it was provide lifetime immunity. They then charged governments, rich and poor, millions if not billions of dollars for it.

In the end, it turns out that their claims were false and their product was faulty but instead of being sued for a refund they'll get to make another billion dollars over again on another batch of what is probably a faulty vaccine.

At the very least, GSK and Sanofi Pasteur should produce and distribute this round of vaccines free of charge, since the first ones they sold didn't work.

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