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Sugary drinks may cause 184,000 global deaths a year: study


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Since I moved to Japan eight years ago, it's been my town's spring water (from the tap), Oi Ocha and coffee...that's it, that's the list.

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Wpw! But once you think about it a bit not surprising. Soda is a chemical soup with no nutritional value at all.

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I usually drink water, milk and tea, but every now and then I like to drink a soda. The problem is the amount of consumption. Drinking a soda once a week is different than drinking a soda three to six times a day. The problem is, too many people abuse the sugary sodas and drink it as a main source of beverage, also in the summertime, all that sugar will make you thirstier.

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All sugar is toxic to your body, and being addictive to it can be deadly.

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Stick with beer.

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As pointed out in an earlier post....over consumption. 7-11's had the 2 liter fountain size which was not rare to see someone refill it when in checkout. Everything in moderation if you must have it.

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I cant stomach coke etc, makes me GAG!

About 8years ago I stopped drinking pop, every once in a while I will try a mouthful & its amazing how FOUL it tastes.

Best to cut completely or just the odd one, if your drinking this slow poison daily you should re-think things!

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Fructose, glucose, sucrose, treacle, diatase, syrup, dextrose, lactose, cane sugar, date sugar, agave nectar (mmmm), Ethyl Maltol, Maltose, Molasses, Mannitol...so much substances our bodies cannot process sufficiently. Same can go for processed salts (not necessarily iodine found naturally, such as seaweed) causing a host of diseases as well.

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I'll stick to my screwdriver without the vodka.

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Sedentary lifestyle and stress are causing way more deaths than sugary drinks. Anyway it's better to eat honey, it contains a lot of sugar, but doesn't cause any deaths, because it's natural.

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Never was a big fan of soda. Fact is too many people drink that instead of water, I'm talking about 4+ cans or bottles daily. My beverage of choice is cold teas, carrot juice, fruit juice, and good old crystal clear water. When I have something with soda in it, its going to be with ice cream as a float.

Too many people over drink the stuff.

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I'll stick to my screwdriver without the vodka

.Make sure your using fresh squeezed OJ or your drinking a LOT of added sugar!!

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How did they know people die because of the consumption of "sugary drinks"? It's obvious that those drinks are one of the factors of diabetes and other diseases, but there're other factors, of course, such as heredity, lack of exercises etc. Well, the article says "may", but it still sounds a bit weird to me.

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and I'll stick with my red wine...

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You can still drink alcohol or cola, but you need to balance with drinking alot of water. Also, walk everyday for 15 minutes or more.

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Sugary drinks don't cause the deaths, lack of self control does. You can also die if you drink too much water.

Lack of self control and not giving a damn about reading the label (i.e. laziness and ignorance) are high on the list of what kills people. You can apply that to just about everything sold today or for that matter just about anything on this planet. Water doesn't kill but if you fall into a body of it and can't swim...

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cancers linked to the beverages

I'd like to see hard evidence that supports that link.

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Any article which uses the word "may" to qualify information is not worth reading, because "may" means exactly the same thing as "may not". Whenever someone uses the word "may", it means that they really have no idea what is they are talking about. A white horse "may" win the Kentucky Derby next year, the volcano in Hakone "may" erupt tomorrow.

It sounds like the powers-that-be are hoping to introduce a tax on sugary drinks, and the above article is part of their campaign.

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I find all these reports or whatever on (insert bad thing here) that CAUSES (insert number here) deaths a year so tedious. We all die of something someday and many of these reports are contradicted by otgher reports that say that (insert something here) helps to maintain health. Chocolate and wine are two of the ones that are often the subject of confliciting research. and just gives all of the (insert soemething here) vigilantes cause to hound us with their do gooderiness. Smoking and obesity vigivlantes are the worst, but plenty of others too....... soon everything will be banned except drugs and vegetables and water.

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The moderation in drinking soda and the sensible portion sizes are the two healthiest things about the Japanese diet, despite those who'd like to give credit to white rice (?!), natto, seaweed and other specific foods.

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The moderation in drinking soda and the sensible portion sizes are the two healthiest things about the Japanese diet.

Totally agree. I love, love, love that my young students are never given sodas or sugary drinks, even on blazing hot days. They are, however, given unlimited access to a mugi-cha (barley tea) fountain at school. They are also encouraged to carry around flasks of barley tea or weak green tea, but never anything sweetened. Some of the trendy kids drink rooibos tea, which is also very healthy.

I'll stick to my screwdriver without the vodka.

And I'll stick to my screwdriver minus the orange juice!

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given unlimited access to a mugi-cha (barley tea) fountain at school.

H'mmmmm mugi-cha fountain.....aghhhhh wud love one in my house!!!

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I can understand kids liking sodas, but why do so many adults keep drinking the stuff? Surely you should grow out of it eventually. Grow up, people!

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All sugar is toxic to your body, and being addictive to it can be deadly.

Now THERE's a false statement. You are claiming ALL sugar is toxic. Pop quiz... Q: What chemical is used by the cells in your body to perform their normal functions, and a lack of said chemical will cause the cells to die? A: Glucose - a sugar which can be converted from Sucrose ("table sugar") or Fructose (sugars found in fruits).

ANYTHING is toxic to your body in the right quantities. Pure water or pure oxygen at high levels WILL kill you. Tea is toxic to your body if you drink enough of it. And yes, even glucose at too high levels becomes toxic. But glucose at the levels needed by your cells? NOT toxic.

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Cancer loves sugar.

Too much sugar in blood links to major medical complications to 4 important organs; Brain, Heart, Kidney and Nurves.There are too many medical facts supporting this claims. I cannot list all.

Actually American Medical Society is shifting a focus on sugar intake for prevention.

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