Surgery is best for managing diabetes in heavy people


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whoops - i accidentally read the title as "Sugary is best..."

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Three years into a U.S. study that compares various approaches—gastric bypass, sleeve gastrectomy and simply trying medical counseling, diet, exercise and weight loss medications—the findings show that the two surgical procedures are still superior at reducing blood sugar and weight.

Duh? The problem is that these people can't control themselves when it comes to diet and exercise. A method circumventing lifestyle changes will obviously be the more effective route.

The best way to manage diabetes and obesity? Don't get there in the first place.

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whats heavy people? they mean fat ?

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Hi all you superfit health freaks, I'm a fatty ^_^ I'm not suffering from Diabetes, but I am on a diet... so I know how hard it is to get motivated to shed the pounds.

However, some mindless people are also part of the problem with the overweight being poorly motivated to lose weight - snyde comments and oh-so-funny-they-can-break-ribs quips are very hurtful, and can turn people to comfort food, just when they are in need of encouragement.

So, back to your gyms and posing in front of the mirror, you Supermen. And as Thumper said: "If you can't say something nice, don't say nothin' at all"

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Actually it was proven that the best motivation to lose weight are sneering comments and public shaming. and, I was fatso until 16 years old, aint ashamed admitting that - all it takes is diet and training and now I can easily run marathons at 3:30 , I am exteremely against that "big" word.. cause it falsely normalises being obese.

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